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Restauracja "KYBYNLAR"


In Trakai, in the heart of its old town on Karaimų str.29 you will find a restaurant of the traditional Karaims cuisine "KYBYNLAR".

Uniquely situated between the two lakes and close to the Karaims ethnographic exhibition as well as to Kenesa, the Karaime Temple, it offers a wide choice of typical Karaims dishes.

Two cozy rooms of 50 seats decorated with specific Karaims ornaments and an open-air terrace of 150 seats welcome you for a pleasant and original experience. You can taste many delicious Karaims dishes here made of different vegetables, meat (lamb, beef, veal), chicken, turkey and unique dishes from freshwater fish. You will be offered to refresh yourself with beer, juice, coffee or tea. We as well have a wide range of wines and other beverages.


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