Dear guests,
Due to increase of Covid-19 cases, Lithuanian ministry of health is forced to implement new restrictions, therefore we kindly inform, that from 19th of August KYBYNLAR restaurant will welcome guests only with National Covid certificate (galimybiu pasas) or EU digital Covid certificate. Kindly make sure to be ready to show these documents to our staff members before entering KYBYNLAR restaurant Karaimu str. 29, Trakai.


The Karaim religion is Karaism. It took shape in VIII-th century in the territory of Irak. It is based on the Old Testament; the moral foundation of the religion is the Ten Commandments. The essential principle of Karaism is to study the Holy Scriptures independently, not relying on neither written, nor oral commentaries of the others. Therefore, none of the explanatory commentaries on the Old Testament are recognized. The first Kenesa in Trakai was built in the beginning of XV-th century, it was ruined by fire several time and in XIX-th century was reconstructed on the same site. That is what we see now.